Eagle Arena

Eagle Arena Token $EGLA

Eagle Arena Tokens (EGLA) are a Polygon network governance for Eagle Arena. Players will be able to earn $EGLA token if they stake their token or by playing the game. $EGLA holders may also use their token a voting rights to the game governance.
EGLA Statistics
Token name
Eagle Arena
Token symbol
Token decimals
Token type
Total supply
300,000,000 EGLA (300M)
Polygon (Matic) chain
It should be noted that the game will not be decentralized on release, it will take a few years of game development and community growth.
Our goal with the Eagle Arena Token is to incentivize both the players and the development team, they will be incentivized by:
  • Rewarding players that are playing the game
  • Additional rewards for players that are staking their $EGLA
In Q4 of 2022, the community treasury will go live, it will receive revenues generated by the game. The treasury will receive revenues from:
  • 4% of all Eagle Arena marketplace transactions
  • A portion of $EGLA breeding fee and armory crafting fees