Eagle Arena

Economic Sustainability

Burning Mechanism

Burning mechanism is the heart of every P2E games out there, and almost all of the players have been wishing for a game to have more burning mechanisms, and Eagle Arena has a lot of them.
  • Breeding - it is the backbone of many p2e economy, this is where you pair 2 eagles in order to create a new nft. This process will burn a certain amount of $EGLA and $FLY.
  • Retiring Eagles - everything in the universe has a lifespan. once an eagle is retired, they will never be able used for battle and earn $FLY again. These eagles will turn into stone as a part of a collection and they may be used to increase the power of another eagle.
  • Nest - as part of the breeding process, eggs need to have a nest to hatch, and to create a nest the players are required to spend and burn $FLY, and a nest can only be used for 10 eggs and after that, the nest will be unusable and the players will have to build a new one.
  • Tournament Entry Fees - a certain amount of $FLY is required to enter a tournament where portions of it will be for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize, income of the owner and burned.
  • Armory - in order to increase the eagles defense, they need to craft and equip armor such as chest plate and forehead protectors and in order to craft these items they will have to spend a certain amount of $FLY.
  • Rent to own - renting an eagle to be owned by the scholar after earning a specific amount of $FLY, scholars will earn an eagle instead of $FLY, once they own the eagle they may sell it for money or become a manager.