Eagle Arena


  • Immortal eagles have an unlimited life span, while all of their offspring only has 1000 battles lifespan after all of that life span is spent, the eagle will not be able to battle anymore.
  • The players need at least 1 eagle to play the game
  • An eagle will have 12 energy per day and consumes 1 energy per battle.
  • To start battles, you need to select what eagle to use for battle and then click “battle”
  • After clicking battle it will start to find another player to battle with
  • At the start of battle both eagles will have 450HP
  • Players may choose from Fire, Wood, Water, Metal or Earth to attack their opponent, each of these has 110 damage, but the damage output may vary depending on the counter elements and eagle class. (You may use rooster wars battle logic as reference)
  • You may also use this link as reference for Eagle class and counters: