Eagle Arena

The Art of War

Time goes on, and the eagles have slowly populated the lands. Each race of eagle lives in their own habitat, their own lands. But as time goes on, the eagles grew in number. So much that they begin to feel the need to find new areas to find resources. Eagles in the Sands of Erimos are running out of prey to hunt, eagles in the Grotopon Marshlands are running out of dry space to land and rest upon. Each race of eagle wanting more and the hunt for new territory arises.
With the need to gain more resources, some eagles flew to new territories, but this poses a problem. Each race would like to get more, but would not give as well. Some races grew weary of others; some simply fight for their lives.
Neighbors then turned allies, and bonded together to battle other races of eagles. But with their world so little, they begin to meet one another in a piece of land: The Bellum Battlefields. So many battles took place in this land that the landscape changed. A once peaceful land full of life now barren and devastated, only a handful of courageous eagles come dare enter this land unprepared.
Wars begin to break, the eagles learned to fight. What they see in battle is that each of them is magical, and they can use the world’s elements at their disposal to win. They start to prepare for wars as well, learning to make armors and helmets to protect them from specific elemental harm.
As the eagles go through their days, an unusual sight above emerges. The whole planet saw five gigantic rocks with different colors from outer space hurdling towards the planet. As the gigantic rocks approached the atmosphere, they shattered in to countless pieces and fell in various places in Leicia.
The eagles got curious, and went to places were the pieces fell. What they find are small, glowing orbs, and upon their touch, emits a surge of strength and power. The eagles took advantage, collecting as many as they can. Each orb emitted a different kind of power, and each enhanced one of their elemental powers more. Some have chosen greed, and obtained multiple to use all in their battles. Be it misfortune, as those who show greed paid a price, with all other orbs shattered but one in their possession remains. More and more battles happen, and every eagle giving their best. But there is a limit to everything. The more battles these eagles go into, the older they get. Sadly, as eagles reach their limit, they pay the ultimate price: their bodies disappear and they turn back into stone, with their spirits left within. Some say eagles can touch these stones and absorb the spirits to enhance their abilities, but still a lot is unknown.
Until this moment the eagles are still in this continuous war. It is us travelers now who must take the task and bring them to victory. The question still remains: who will win?