Eagle Arena

The Beginning

Our story begins when travellers, like you and I, have come across this tranquil planet. They travelled the whole continent, only to find smaller life forms like fishes and small birds, no gigantic creatures or large predators of sort. No predators? It’s quiet… just too quiet…. In their travels however, they always come across with unnatural stones. Etched stones! We wonder who built these. Was there an ancient civilization who worshipped these eagles? The travellers ended up in a deep lush forest, with trees so tall and the area so wide one would feel like getting lost in the middle of it all. They travelled deep inside the lush forest, and ended up in a small field with something familiar. Is it a monument? Is it a castle? No, it’s a temple! A temple so ancient looking but has signs of civilization. Around it are stones, similar to stones that they saw everywhere they went. What are these stones? What are they used for?
Going inside the temple, an altar stands in front of them. Again they see a similar stone, only this time standing in top of the altar. Were they made here? Were these stones significant? One of the travellers touched the stone on the altar. Ancient inscriptions shone in front of the stone, and a feeling of warmth fills the traveller. “Touch this and get to feel it!” says the first traveller, and the other traveller did. As he touched the stone, he also gets filled with warmth. The warmth however slowly increases, and the stone began to shake. What’s happening? The stone shook uncontrollably and cracked. White light spread out through the temple and the stone shattered. As the light subsides, something becomes more visible…
A Giant Forest Eagle, the first of its kind.
So that’s what these stones are! The travellers knew then, that touching the stones together will release these eagles. They went back to all corners of the continent, with all other travellers, found most of the stones, and released these eagles into the wild. A variety of eagles are seen too, and each land has specific eagles released. These were the ancient eagles, immortals as we know them, and the world of Leicia was never the same.