Eagle Arena

The Growth of Leicia

From the beginning of the immortals, these eagles bonded together. We see them in various races: The Booted Eagle from the peaks of Rupes Mountain, The Bald Eagle from the Sands of Erimos, The Golden Eagle from the Livadi Grasslands, The White Eagle from the Oram Coastlines, The Gray Eagle from the Lands of Virentia, The Black Eagle from the Campestribus Foothills. There are also Snake Eagles in the Grotopon Wetlands, Fish Eagles from Elos Marshes, and the Giant Forest Eagles in the Lignum Forests.
These eagles bonded with their own races, formed their own groups. They get to have their nests, and later on bred and multiplied. They eventually realized that they were not built perfect; they have limitations when they breed and their offsprings no longer have their aura when born. As they breed more, they noticed that it gets more and more difficult to reproduce, and each eagle may be able to breed only 7 times until they can reproduce no more.
But these limitations did not stop these groups from growing. The eagles grew in number, and their population rose.